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Costume and Cosplay Guidelines

General Attire

  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times in the convention center.

  • Do not wear clothes that promote porn, strong language, or any other graphic content. This rule applies to language, innuendos, and images. This is a family-friendly event.


Cosplay Costumes

  • Costumes must be street-legal and suitable for all audiences, as BGX is an all-ages event.  Laws of public decency apply — if you would not wear it to the post office, do not wear it at the con.

  • Women:Your costume must cover, at minimum, as much as a modest bathing suit. Breasts need to be 70% covered and buttocks must be completely covered. If your costume calls for a thong, pasties or other below-minimum-coverage elements, please wear a bodysuit beneath it.

  • Men:Your costume must cover, at minimum, as much as a typical pair of swimming trunks. If your costume calls for a Speedo-cut brief or other below-minimum-coverage elements, please wear pants or a body suit beneath it. Morph suits and other skin tight unitard-type outfits require appropriate undergarments and should not be worn with nothing underneath! Genitalia and/or nipples must not be visible through the costume.

  • No one will be permitted to be topless in the event area area due to convention center policy. Genitalia and/or nipples must not be visible through the costume. Liquid latex/ body paint do not a costume make. All “private parts” must be covered by actual clothing and you may use liquid latex/body paint as an enhancement.

  • Appropriate footwear is required at all times in the hotel and convention area. If your costume calls for bare feet, you may wear flip-flops or ballet slippers, but the soles of your feet should not come in contact with the floor. If your costume requires a morph suit or unitard-type outfit you must pad the soles of the costume. You may be subject to a “tickle test” to make sure you have properly padded your feet.

  • The illusion of nudity is unacceptable. No Exceptions.

  • Inline skates (i.e. Rollerblades), roller skates, Togo skates, sneaker skates (i.e. Heelys), and the like may not be worn or used in the event area. Sneaker skates/Heelys, many only be worn in sneaker form.

  • Body makeup that easily smears or transfers to any person or property cannot not be worn. Please properly seal and set all makeup so that does not happen. Staff reserves the right to “smear test” for proper setting of blood or makeup. If your makeup does not comply you will be asked to remove the makeup.

  • You must have a clear line of sight; this includes peripheral vision. Being only able to see through a tiny eye slot does NOT constitute a clear line of sight. If this is unavoidable, cosplayer MUST have a handler at all times. Other cosplayer with masks or heads do not qualify as a handler. This rule does apply to attendees in fur suits as well, you require a handler with you at all times. This is due to the large crowds and tight confines of the convention center space and is for the safety of all.

  • Please understand that we are facilitating this con to promote awareness for issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, bullying, body shaming, ect.

  • BGX staff reserves the right to make final judgment calls on what is “decent”. If staff feels that your costume is indecent or inappropriate in any way, you will be asked to change or cover it.

  • Shock costumes, or costumes which have the sole purpose of offending and disrespecting other individuals, cultures, or religions in any way, will not be tolerated. We ask that you be respectful of other attendees.

Ultimately, BGX reserves the right to deny any/or all costumes not deemed appropriate and/or safe.


Military Dress

  • If you intend to wear a uniform that appears realistic, distinguish that it is a costume.

  • If your costume could be mistaken for current military or law enforcement, it is prohibited.

  • No gang signs, no racist symbols.

  • Emblems of genocide are prohibited.

Ultimately, BGX reserves the right to deny any/or all costumes not deemed appropriate and/or safe.



ALL WEAPONS must be inspected, approved and tagged by Security prior to being carried or displayed in public areas. If you are found to be in violation of this policy, you will be asked to take it back to your hotel room or vehicle. If there are continued violations with the same prop, your weapon will be confiscated and you may be ejected from the convention. Ultimately, BGX reserves the right to deny any/or all weapons/props not deemed appropriate and/or safe.

The following projectile weapons are NOT permitted at BGX:

  • Dart guns

  • BB guns

  • Crossbows

  • Real firearms


Projectile weapons are limited to the following (*upon inspection by security):

  • Replica/Artificial firearms

    • All replica firearms must contain a distinguishable orange tip

    • Any replica firearm which mimics realistic movement and/or sound is prohibited (e.g. cap guns, battery operated)

    • Projectile weapons may not fire any type of solid, liquid or gas

    • All projectile weapons with moveable triggers are required to be zip tied in place (peace-bonded)


No live steel (edged metal weapons) will be permitted. Bladed replica weapons must be made of a non-metal, non-sharp material, must be no more than 72 inches in length, and must be approved by Security.

Commercial weapon replicas purchased in the dealer room must remain peace-bonded/wrapped at all times, and must be taken directly to your hotel room or car after purchase. They may not be carried around the convention. If you are seen carrying a non-compliant weapon in convention areas, it will be confiscated and held by Security until the end of the event.

Props & Accessories Policy

Props carried in public areas must be no more than 72 inches/6 feet in length. This is for the safety of all con goers, as well as to prevent damage to personal property. If your prop is larger than 72 inches/6 feet, please do not bring it into public areas. Props larger than 72” total must break down into pieces no larger than 72” while on the convention floor. You may assemble them for photos, if you are completely out of the flow of traffic and there is room to do so.

  • Metal props may not be carried in public areas. This applies to any large props and weapons, as well as small hand props such as shuriken, fans, wrenches or other items. Metal is permitted on the costume itself, provided it extends no more than 2 inches from the body in any direction, is in no way sharp, and does not present a safety hazard, as determined by convention staff.

  • Use caution when carrying or displaying large props. If you are seen wielding a large prop in a reckless or dangerous manner, your prop may be confiscated.

  • If convention staff feel that your prop poses a risk to others, you will be asked to remove the item from public areas, or it may be confiscated.

  • No adult-themed props/paraphernalia are permitted.


Prohibited Materials

  • Inflammable materials such as candles, fireworks, sparklers, liquid fuels or other fire hazards are strictly prohibited. Small personal smoking paraphernalia (cigarettes, lighter, etc.) may be carried, but may not be used in public convention areas.

  • Your costume should not shed. Please avoid loose materials such as sand, glitter, confetti, flower petals or other items that are designed to fall, scatter or otherwise separate from your costume.

  • Drones and dirigibles, flying objects.

At the discretion of security staff on site, the following may be permitted (all of the below items are still subject to approval onsite and we reserve the right to refuse any prop):

  • Plastic and metal shields (metal shields must demonstrate no sharp edges)

  • Lightweight plastic, PVC props and lightsabers; must be clearly and visibly a prop

  • Bows that are loosely strung and incapable of shooting arrows

  • Plastic, cardboard or foam props

All props must be peace bonded by the BGX staff. Peace bonding is mandatory. You may also be checked at any time by BGX staff.

  • Do not brandish props in a threatening manner. Be aware of how security personnel may

interpret your actions, in or outside of convention areas.

  • Keep props in convention areas. If you leave the con premises, please put away any prop

weaponry (even if it clearly looks fake).

  • Violation of these rules could result in ejection from the con or law enforcement notification.

  • BGX cannot be responsible for damage incurred to your costume during the convention,

and reserves the right to ask you to change if your outfit is not acceptable.

  • BGX will not be responsible for storing or watching any part of your costume for any amount of time.

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