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Enjoy different types of gaming at BGX this year!

BGX offers several types of different gaming styles. Check them out and see which ones you are most excited for!

Video Games

We host over 25 different gaming consoles and games ranging from single player through multiplayer. Stay up to date with the latest games or take it old school with our variety of old school consoles. Click here to learn more!

Table Top Gaming

If you are a fan of table top gaming, this room is for you. Take part in several demos or host a demo yourself. There are always players ready to duke it out, so bring your decks! 
Click here to learn more!


Classic Board Gaming

Stop by and play some of your favorite board games from childhood. Some of the board games are enlarged for a new way to play!
Click here to learn more!



It's time to roll out the quarters in our classic arcade corner. We have multicades and pinball to choose from. If you're lucky, some of the games will be set to free play!
Click here to learn more!

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