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Welcome to the 
BGX Table Top Gaming Room!


Have a favorite table top game? You can host your own demos at BGX. Applications for 2024 are currently closed, but you can feel free to bring your own games to play all day.

Private D&D Rooms

We have two private D&D rooms that you can choose from to host your D&D sessions. 


Table Top Demos & Tournaments

Pokemon TCG Tournament (12 PM)
Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament(3:30 PM)
Disney Lorcana Tournament (5:30 PM)

Battletech Demo (All Day)

Sheep Chase Demo (12:30 PM)
Marvel Multiverse: Night of the Sentinels Demo (3:30 PM)
Crucible for a Cause! D&D Session (7 PM)

  • If players need assistance or sheets, stop by the Dungeon any time and I'll have all the supplies on hand. This is competitive D&D so bring your best builds.

  • Players can premake character using the following rules.

  • Max 8 Player Slots.

  • Lvl 8 Max HP per lvl Standard Array.

  • Following books only 5E Player’s HandBook Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Monsters of the Multiverse Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Volo’s Guide to Monsters Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Dragonlance Spelljammer Planescape.

  • Starting Equipment from Class and Background plus 3000 Gold Gold may be spent on any basic equipment or an assortment of Magic Items.

  • Optional Feat rules are in use. If you have a background that gives a Feat, good. Otherwise all players may start with 1 free feat that does not include an Ability Score Improvement or is a racial feat.

  • Google Drive

  • Gameplay Rules Crit hits will deal Max Dmg Dice +Roll.

  • Crit Miss is just a Miss.

  • Rules Clarifications: There will be no arguing over the rules.

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